Anonymous is an exclusive marketing company specialising in the Cryptocurrency market. We provide our expertise and a tailored, personal service, boosting brand growth through our variety of packages.

Our experience in some of the biggest crypto projects to date allows us to provide skills and vision with robust strategies and an aggressive growth mindset, consulting on development and brand marketing with a got-to-market plan.

There are no boundaries when it comes to what we can achieve, nothing is impossible.

Crypto Influencer Marketing: for blockchain brands, this proven to be one of the most effective methods for reaching a highly engaged audience of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, traders and investors. Anonymous’ crypto marketing attracts traffic to your cryptocurrency brand across Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, podcasts and more.

Creative design: we do the thinking for you. We strategically plan the campaign surrounding reach and engagement with conversion always being at the forefront.

Guerrilla marketing: this popular because of the many resources available in small businesses achieving their conventional goals. Guerrilla marketing is a business marketing strategy which eliminates the expensive marketing tactics and invests more energy and creativity. In addition, creating an extra-ordinary, unconventional campaign will also have a greater reach through all social media.

Dedicated representative: guidance and support from a leading, crypto industry digital strategist.

Digital display advertising engages the customer at every buying stage. It can target the audience, optimise and obtain better conversion rates. It ultimately builds brand credibility.


We use a variety of methods and strategic frameworks in order to deliver and help boost brand growth. Creating a big online and offline presence is paramount to the success and reach of your target audience.


Strategy & Growth Consulting, branding, digital and influencer marketing

We attract warm traffic to your cryptocurrency brand using our extensive connections within the world of influencer marketing. Combined with digital exposure using online search, visual communication through display and video content published in the right places, we boost brand visibility, awareness and direct interaction.


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Tailored package service by invite only
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